Innovative multi-dose DPI with patient
feedback option

ICOres is a reservoir-based dry powder inhaler. It can be designed in many different shapes and colors and customized to meet your unique requirements.

Up to four different APIs

A unique feature of ICOres is that it has two separate reservoirs. They can be filled with the same dry powder formulations or with two different formulations.

Using two different combination formulations allows for the simultaneous delivery of up to four different APIs.

Formulation options

ICOres is suitable for both carrier-based and spheronized formulations. The choice of formulation depends on the drug and production process. Read more about different formulation options here.

Feedback options

ICOres is available either with a simple dose indicator or an electronic counter and patient feedback. The feedback feature clearly shows when the inhaler has been loaded correctly and is ready for inhalation.

After inhalation, the patient/caretaker receives confirmation that the dose has been delivered. The feedback feature strongly improves compliance and user experience.

Exact counter

It is very important that the user always knows how many doses are remaining in the inhaler. ICOres has a clear and accurate dose counter showing the exact number of doses. After each dose is taken, the counter counts down. After taking the last dose a red bar appears in the window indicating that the inhaler is empty.

Humidity protection

ICOres has a tight sealing cover. Together with a high-capacity desiccant, ICOres has a superb humidity protection, guaranteeing a long in-use time and shelf-time.

Further device optimization

ICOres can be designed to be bioequivalent to other dry powder inhaler products on the market. ICOres is designed to be equivalent in terms of device and performance both in vitro and in vivo.

An ICOres product can also be optimized to give optimal product performance for a given drug formulation. This option is suitable for NCEs or other products not intended to be registered as generic drugs.