Designing the optimal formulation

Iconovo offers a complete dry powder formulation development. Having in-house formulation capability gives us a unique possibility to optimize the device and formulation together.

Carrier-based or spheronized?

A key decision when developing a new inhalation product is the selection between a micronized spheronized formulation or a carrier-based formulation. A spheronized formulation is more advanced and performs better in terms of fine particle fraction. Carrier-based formulations are more commonly used for inhalation products since they are inherently more robust and use conventional manufacturing equipment.



Extensive formulation experience

We have long and extensive experience from working with carrier-based formulations, spheronized micronized formulations and spray dried powders and we will be happy to discuss which solution suits you best.

Together with a partner we can also offer micronization and solid-state analysis of the powder.

Full range of services

We will also be happy to provide advice on the choice of device. All product development is based on our vast knowledge and experience from industrial design. We also provide a state-of-the-art analytical lab for development of inhalation products.

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