Device Development

Choosing the right DPI device

Dry powder inhalers can be classified into two types: pre-metered or single-dose systems that use capsules, or blister packs, to predetermine the amount of medication available with each inhalation, and reservoir or device-metered, multi-dose systems where a mechanism inside the device measures out each dose.

At Iconovo, we offer a full palette of inhalators. All our inhaler devices are accurate and consistent in effective drug delivery, easy and convenient to use, cost-effective and robust, capable of delivering a range of drugs and visually appealing to the patient.

Depending on the type of medication you’re planning to bring to market, we can recommend on the optimal choice of device.

Single-dose or multi-dose?

Single-dose, or unit-dose devices may be the best option for:

  • High-cost drugs with individually tailored dosing regimen or need for cold storage
  • Drugs used for short time therapy where a multi-dose device is not cost-effective
  • Drugs used in ambulances or emergency rooms when the patient only needs one or very few doses
  • Supplement to traditional multi-dose devices when a unit-dose device is suitable on travel, sports/recreational activities, in the office, in the car etc.

Patients tend to favor multiple-dose devices due to their ease and quickness of use, generally lower costs, and integral dose counters that allow patients to view the level of remaining medication.

Our range of DPI devices

The Iconovo device family includes:

Fully equipped device development department

At Iconovo, a computational server is used for Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD, calculations and flow geometry optimization. We have an in-house industrial design capability for a fully integrated device development.

Our design engineers have experience from developing over 10 different DPI devices. For design verification of our devices, including climate chambers for environmental testing, we have a well-equipped test lab.

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