Iconovo AB (publ) makes a significant investment in the development of a new inhalation platform

Iconovo AB (publ) announced today that the company has made a decision to invest in the development of a new dry powder inhalation platform. This platform will comprise a new inhalation device, ICOpre, and bespoke dry powder formulations. The new products are developed to target the global market including the US. Read more

Asthma has long been a significant global health issue and the problem only appears to grow. This summer a report from Asthma UK showed a marked increase in the number of deaths in England and Wales caused by asthma. In order to turn this trend around decisive action is needed. One of the companies developing products intended to reduce asthma’s impact on the patient is Swedish Iconovo. The company’s user-friendly inhalers may become a useful weapon in the fight against asthma.
In August, British charity Asthma UK published a report containing concerning figures. It has long been well-known that the prevalence of asthma has increased in the past decades and now Asthma UK’s report showed that the number of asthma-related deaths in England and Wales also increased. Read more
Lund based Iconovo did not sit still during the summer, instead the company released the biggest news of the year thus far. in mid-July, Iconovo  announced that a clinical pharmacokinetics study had established that Iconovo’s ICOres budesonide/formoterol is working according to expectations.
The positive results led Erik Penser Bank to increase its motivated value of Iconovo from 360 MSEK to 410 MSEK, supporting the company’s confidence in the product. Read more
Iconovo AB (publ) together with Amneal Pharmaceuticals Company GmbH and CBC Corporation India Pvt Ltd (fully owned subsidiary of  CBC Co. Ltd, Japan) have carried out a clinical pharmacokinetic study to compare Iconovo´s generic product, ICOres budesonide/formoterol, to the original, SymbicortÓ TurbuhalerÓ.  The plan for this study was announced in a PM dated 8 Nov 2018.

This pilot study, in line with its primary objective, demonstrated that the ICOres dry powder inhaler device functioned as intended clinically. The device delivered the appropriate quantity of the formulation during laboratory testing as well as in the clinical testing as evidenced by the plasma levels in study subjects. No accidental overdosing was noticed in the subjects. Read more

Iconovo specializes in the product development of customized DPI devices – and utilizes an integrated approach.

Cross-border networking as a recipe for success – the Danish-Swedish Medicon Valley is a prime example. Countless pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotech companies established themselves on both sides of the Öresund and benefit from their geographic proximity and close cooperation.

One of them is Iconovo, a start-up with headquarters in Lund specializing in dry powder inhalers (DPI). The company is committed to providing customers with the optimum combination of inhalation device and formulation, and to paving the way for the market launch of their product with a variety of service offerings. Read more

Iconovo welcomes Dr. Agneta Walhagen as new member of the Board of  Directors at Iconovo.

Agneta has over 26 years of experience working within research and development in the pharmaceutical industry in both preclinical, clinical and commercial development. She has 20 years of inhalation experience from AstraZeneca where she had several senior leadership positions, both as manager/director, project leader and portfolio manager. She is currently working at LEO Pharma as Senior Director of R&D Alliance Management. She was previously heading Pharmaceutical Technologies and early Business Development at LEO Pharma.
”We are very pleased to have Agneta on our board. She brings a fantastic experience from the pharma industry and scientific expertise in the inhalation field” says Iconovo’s CEO, Orest Lastow.

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Iconovo – USA-marknaden öppnar upp sig. Läs vidare här

Starkt första kvartal för Iconovo

Inhalationsbolaget Iconovos första kvartal 2019 kan väsentligen sammanfattas med en större bokförd intäktspost, större marknadsräckvidd med en ny partner samt positiva patentbesked för Europa. En omvärldsfaktor ser också ut att kunna spela Iconovo i händerna, nämligen FDA:s godkännnade av Mylans Advair-utmanare, vilket i ett slag öppnade upp världens största marknad för torrpulverinhalatorer. Read more

Årsredovisning 2018

Nu finns Årsredovisningen inklusive revisionsberättelse för Iconovo AB tillgänglig för 2018 (only in Swedish).