British CrystecPharma begins a collaboration with the Swedish inhaler developer Iconovo with the aim of formulating new innovative compounds for use in dry powder inhalers.

The two companies’ technologies complement each other, and the purpose of the collaboration is to produce a complete solution for customers needing optimal delivery of effective molecules to or via the lungs. A pilot project has already been launched. Read more

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Iconovo – Stor potential vid rätt samarbetspartner. Läs mera här

Last week it was once again time for the big investor and partnering meeting focused on life science, the LSX World Congress in London.

The sixth edition of the congress offered companies, investors and VC funds two days of exciting company presentations, seminars and meetings. One of the companies that took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the international market was Swedish Iconovo, which develops inhalers with associated drug formulations. BioStock was in London and had a chat with Iconovo’s CEO Orest Lastow about the company’s participation in the congress, as well as its business strategy and upcoming restructuring. Read more

Market analysis of Iconovo by Siri Ladow, Analyst, Head of Commissoned Research

Danske Bank, Sweden. Healthcare Direkt.

Dr Orest Lastow will take on the role of CTO of Iconovo while Johan Wäborg is hired as the new CEO of Iconovo entering this role no later than April 14th 2020. Orest Lastow will continue to serve as the CEO until Johan Wäborg takes up the position. Read more

Looking back on Iconovo’s 2019, the company’s investment in the new inhalation platform ICOpre and the accompanying dry power formulations stands out.

This new project will enable the company to offer global generics for GSK’s Ellipta range, a range that is expected to reach a market value of 5 billion USD the year before the patent expires in 2025. Strengthened by 60 MSEK in institutional capital, Iconovo is now pushing ahead on several fronts. Read more

Compared to dry powder inhalers, spray inhalers are a significant climate change culprit. Furthermore, many patients would make the switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative if the medical effect was equivalent. These are the findings of two scientific studies.

Iconovo’s dry powder inhalers do not contain liquid gas propellant, thus being a good example of how therapeutic effect can be achieved without any major impact on the environment. Read more

A few weeks ago, Lund-based Iconovo gave a sign of their growing confidence when they announced the biggest investment in the company’s history in the form of a new inhalation platform.

Yesterday, a directed share issued to a number of heavy institutional investors, raising 60 million SEK prior to costs, made it clear that the new project will be off to a solid financial start. Read more

The Board of Directors of Iconovo AB (“Iconovo” or the “Company”) has utilised the authorisation received at the AGM on 15 May 2019 and resolved on a directed share issue to Andra AP-fonden, Fjärde AP-fonden and Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB.

The directed share issue comprises 1,000,000 shares at a subscription price of SEK 60 per share, corresponding to a premium of approximately 1.5 percent compared to the volume weighted average share price the last 30 trading days. Through the share issue, the Company is raising SEK 60 million before issue costs. Read more

Granted ICOres patent in Japan

The Japan Patent Office has granted a patent regarding Iconovo’s dry powder inhaler, ICOres. Iconovo has already several granted ICOres patents in Sweden and in Europe, but this is the first in Japan. ICOres is the dry powder inhaler used in Iconovo’s two major customer projects including generic SymbicortÒ. Read more