Positive patent news for Iconovo’s multidose inhaler

The European Patent Organization, EPO, has announced the intention to grant a patent regarding Iconovo’s inhalation device, ICOres. Iconovo has previously three granted Swedish patents and two granted European patents (EPO) on ICOres. The new patent covers the technology used in many of Iconovo’s projects like generic Symbicort©.

“This patent provides protection of a very important and fundamental function in ICOres. This additional patent strengthens our intellectual property and increases the value of our product portfolio”, says Johan Wäborg, CEO.

As Iconovo solidifies its product development and takes aim at a global market, a new analysis by Danske Bank indicates that the inhaler development company represents a significant market opportunity, thanks to its scalable business model in particular. The analysis values the company at 78-101 SEK per share – at least a 32 per cent increase from the current share price.

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Iconovo develops drug inhalation products, offering exposure to the growing market for inhaled generics in the treatment of asthma and COPD.

It has managed to sign three royalty agreements with global generic drug companies. Iconovo focuses on early-stage out-licensing of projects, reducing risk in the business model. The licensing partner takes clinical and commercial risk, while Iconovo retains the option of royalty revenues. Read more

Iconovo, a Swedish inhalation device company, prides itself for being able to provide a wide range of generic inhalation devices and associated drug formulations.

They boast a broad product portfolio and strong patent strategy granting the company good product protection. Last week, Iconovo took yet another step forward in strengthening its patent portfolio when it learned that the European Patent Office intends to grant a patent for the company’s single-dose dry powder inhaler – ICOone. Read more

The spread of the new Coronavirus is affecting business world-wide. For some companies, however, the economic strain is minimal.

This is the case for the Swedish inhalation device company Iconovo, who are in a strong financial situation thanks to a recent heavy haul of cash. Read more

Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the top infectious killers, causing more deaths than malaria or AIDS.

Today, on World Tuberculosis Day, BioStock takes a look at current treatments available and how a small biotech company in Sweden could impact the future of TB treatment. Read more

Iconovo has recently made the strategic decision to invest heavily in developing a new inhalation platform – ICOpre.

With this investment, the company hopes to be able to offer generic versions of GSK’s Ellipta portfolio, which is expected to have a market value of 5 BUSD by 2024. BioStock takes a closer look at the stakes involved for Iconovo in making this big bet. Read more

Last Friday, Iconovo released its year-end report for 2019. The report highlights the company’s ability to make a large investment in their new inhalation platform ICOpre, as well as its opportunities to land on the US generic powder inhalation drug market. BioStock caught up with the company’s VP Business Development, Roger Lassing, to better understand what it all means for Iconovo in 2020.

The strong progress made by the Swedish inhalation device company Iconovo in 2019 was made clear in their year-end report. One of the main highlights of the report is the company’s forward-looking investment into a new inhalation platform that includes the ICOpre inhaler and corresponding dry powder formulations. The investment was made possible after the company raised 60 MSEK from a share issue directed at large institutional investors in November, with net proceeds of 56 MSEK. Read more

British CrystecPharma begins a collaboration with the Swedish inhaler developer Iconovo with the aim of formulating new innovative compounds for use in dry powder inhalers.

The two companies’ technologies complement each other, and the purpose of the collaboration is to produce a complete solution for customers needing optimal delivery of effective molecules to or via the lungs. A pilot project has already been launched. Read more

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