Iconovo announce that the capsule-based dry powder inhaler ICOcap™ is CE-marked for use in clinical trials

ICOcap™ is now available for customers to use in clinical trials that develop capsule-based formulations and can be bought from Stevanato, the manufacturing and distribution partner of Iconovo. The CE mark is applied in conformity with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC as a Class 1 Medical Device in collaboration with our partners Stevanato Group and their affiliate Balda Medical GmbH.

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Stepping closer to important milestones

Iconovo’s Q1 results were confirmatory for us. Since mid-April, Iconovo has had a new CEO, Johan Wäborg, with extensive international experience in product commercialisation, while the former CEO Orest Lastow is stepping down to CTO to accelerate development of the company’s ICOpre inhalation platform. We continue to be positive about the future for Iconovo.

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Iconovo has made an abbreviated annual report for 2019 available in English for a non-Swedish speaking audience that wants to learn about Iconovo. Please note that this English version is a translation of selected parts of the official Swedish version of the Annual report. The official annual report is only available in Swedish.

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The Lund-based inhaler experts Iconovo are on the front lines of the fight against asthma, and they recently announced a new partnership dedicated to the development of ICOres budesonide/formoterol, the generic for AstraZeneca’s Symbicort, which is currently on the market for the treatment of asthma. BioStock was able to talk with Iconovo’s CEO Johan Wäborg to discuss the implications of the partnership and what it means for the ongoing battle against asthma.

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Iconovo AB today announced that the ICOres™ budesonide/formoterol project (generic Symbicort®) will be transferred to the global partner Amneal Ireland Limited from CBC Corporation (India) Private Limited. Amneal Ireland Limited will take over all existing obligations of CBC under the current agreement. The project will continue according to plan.

The ICOres budesonide/formoterol product has already been tested in a pilot clinical pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers (communicated in July 2019). The results showed excellent correspondence with regards to budesonide and slightly higher values with regards to formoterol for ICOres. The results are currently being used to finalize the remaining development work, to fully match ICOres to the original product. Read more

Positive patent news for Iconovo’s multidose inhaler

The European Patent Organization, EPO, has announced the intention to grant a patent regarding Iconovo’s inhalation device, ICOres. Iconovo has previously three granted Swedish patents and two granted European patents (EPO) on ICOres. The new patent covers the technology used in many of Iconovo’s projects like generic Symbicort©.

“This patent provides protection of a very important and fundamental function in ICOres. This additional patent strengthens our intellectual property and increases the value of our product portfolio”, says Johan Wäborg, CEO.

As Iconovo solidifies its product development and takes aim at a global market, a new analysis by Danske Bank indicates that the inhaler development company represents a significant market opportunity, thanks to its scalable business model in particular. The analysis values the company at 78-101 SEK per share – at least a 32 per cent increase from the current share price.

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Iconovo develops drug inhalation products, offering exposure to the growing market for inhaled generics in the treatment of asthma and COPD.

It has managed to sign three royalty agreements with global generic drug companies. Iconovo focuses on early-stage out-licensing of projects, reducing risk in the business model. The licensing partner takes clinical and commercial risk, while Iconovo retains the option of royalty revenues. Read more

Iconovo, a Swedish inhalation device company, prides itself for being able to provide a wide range of generic inhalation devices and associated drug formulations.

They boast a broad product portfolio and strong patent strategy granting the company good product protection. Last week, Iconovo took yet another step forward in strengthening its patent portfolio when it learned that the European Patent Office intends to grant a patent for the company’s single-dose dry powder inhaler – ICOone. Read more