Iconovo won the Lund University Innovation Award. The winning project was “ICOone for inhaled vaccines”. Vaccines are currently administered as injections, which in addition to the associated discomfort also presents a variety of other challenges. One major problem with needles is that they are dangerous to use and can spread infections if not properly handled after use. Another concern is that vaccines for injection must be refrigerated, which is costly and large quantities of vaccine may need to be discarded as a result. Iconovo’s technology solves such problems since the shelf life of inhaled dry powder at room temperature is several months and the inhaler is completely harmless during and after use.

Iconovo is in the finals to win the Lund University Innovation Award. ICOone for inhaled vaccine was presented to the jury and judged on the level of innovation and commercial potential. Iconovo was selected top three with a chance to win the innovation award. First prize is 1 500 00 SEK and the two second prizes are 500 00 SEK. The winner will be announced at the 6th of November at a ceremony in Lund. The award is sponsored by PWC.

Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow will speak at Connectivity in Medical Technology organized by Management Forum in London 24-25 June. The speach is titled “The use of electronics to improve and monitor compliance”. The speach will focus on the use of electronics in ICOone and ICOres as a mean to improve adherence and compliance by offering an improved user interface. The main topics of the talk are:

  • Opportunities to improve compliance with better user interface
  • The benefits of electronics in clinical trials
  • Risks and undesired effects of compliance monitoring

The development of Iconovo’s proprietary capsule based inhaler, ICOcap has reached an important milestone. The first mold tools have been manufactured and the first injection molded devices have been delivered. The mold tools are single cavity technical tools and will be used to produce devices for mechanical verification and performance testing together with clients.

Orest Lastow is the co-author of a recently published book titled “Pulmonary Drug Delivery: Advances and Challenges”. The book addresses problems associated with inhalation formulation design, including the interaction between the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) (APIs), excipients and devices. Orest has written chapter 16 “Future Patient Requirements on Inhalation Devices: The Balance between Patient, Commercial, Regulatory and Technical Requirements”, see table of contents. The book is available directly from Wiley and from e.g. Amazon.com.

Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow has been invited to give a presentation about the Iconovo inhalation devices at the Dry Powder Inhaler Conference organized by Management Forum in London 10-11 June. The speach is titled “Iconovo Device Range” and will include the following topics.

  • Key strategies when developing a versatile and comprehensive device platform
  • How to develop novel devices that are equivalent to devices on the market
  • BE challenges on devices for generic products
  • Key features, results and lessons learned

Iconovo´s CEO Dr Orest Lastow will be moderating the New Updates in Drug Formulation and Bioavailability conference in Copenhagen 7 April. Formulation and bioavailability are critical steps in the development process of new effective drugs. Failure in clinical trials can often be explained by poor formulation and bioavailability properties of the drug. The conference is open for registration and expects to attract 100 delegates and 12 exhibitors.

Iconovo has invested in the Autodesk Simulation CFD software. Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow was previously head of the AstraZeneca CFD group and has long experience from the optimization of the aerodynamics in inhalation devices. More details about the software at autodesk.com.

Iconovo has moved into new lab facilities. The new facilities will allow us to perform verification and performance testing of the devices in development. Iconovo has access to carrier based formulations and micronized spheronized formulation for testing.

Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow has published a paper in Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. The paper is titled “Orally Inhaled Drug Performance Testing for Product Development, Registration, and Quality Control” and describes different approaches to testing inhalation products during development. The paper is available at liebertpub.com.