Iconovo´s CEO Dr Orest Lastow will be moderating the New Updates in Drug Formulation and Bioavailability conference in Copenhagen 7 April. Formulation and bioavailability are critical steps in the development process of new effective drugs. Failure in clinical trials can often be explained by poor formulation and bioavailability properties of the drug. The conference is open for registration and expects to attract 100 delegates and 12 exhibitors.

Iconovo has invested in the Autodesk Simulation CFD software. Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow was previously head of the AstraZeneca CFD group and has long experience from the optimization of the aerodynamics in inhalation devices. More details about the software at autodesk.com.

Iconovo has moved into new lab facilities. The new facilities will allow us to perform verification and performance testing of the devices in development. Iconovo has access to carrier based formulations and micronized spheronized formulation for testing.

Iconovo CEO Dr Orest Lastow has published a paper in Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. The paper is titled “Orally Inhaled Drug Performance Testing for Product Development, Registration, and Quality Control” and describes different approaches to testing inhalation products during development. The paper is available at liebertpub.com.

Iconovo was a silver sponsor at DDL 25 in Edinburg, DDL Conference. DDL is the internationally most important inhalation conference held annually in Edinburg. Over 600 delegates representing all major pharmaceutical companies and generic companies. We had an exposition showing our device line-up. There was a great interest in our devices and we met many new potential customers.

Iconovo has raised 1 million USD in venture capital funding to develop inhalation devices. Lennart Holm has also increased his equity share in the company. Lennart Holm is the chairman of the board of the Swedish company BillerudKorsnäs AB and also of Nexam AB and Vigmed AB. Iconovo is based at Medicon Village in Lund and is founded, among others, by ex AstraZeneca employees. Iconovo is developing proprietary dry powder inhaler devices for licensing to pharmaceutical companies. The primary market is generic companies planning to enter the inhalation business but lacking access to devices. The devices are primary intended for asthma and COPD but also for vaccines and biomolecules. “This funding will take us to a level where we have injection molded prototypes with verified performance”, says Orest Lastow, CEO of Iconovo.

Iconovo is a silver sponsor of MVIS (Medicon Valley Inhalation Symposium) 15 October in Lund. We will exhibit our prototypes showing our recent development advances.

Orest Lastow was an invited speaker at MEDTEC Europe 2014 in Stuttgart. He talked about the use of quality by design, QbD, in the development of inhalation products. The talk included a general introduction to the development of inhalation products and a step by step explanation of how to use QbD in the development. The benefits and risks of QbD were also discussed. www.medteceurope.com

We are really proud to announce that Iconovo has received a grant from Vinnova. The price ceremony was held at Vinnova headquarters in Stockholm on the 21st of November. “Of 209 applicants only 20 companies received a grant” says a more than happy Mats Johansson, chairman of the board, and continues “and now we have another 300 000 reasons to be happy!”