Stevanato announced in their industrial plan for 2020 – 2023 that they intend to invest almost Euro 400 million in manufacturing and R&D programs for drug delivery systems. A share of this investment will be allocated to the manufacturing of ICOcap®. This update follows the announcement May 27 that ICOcap® received a CE-mark.

Stevanato also recently launched a new product site to increase the visibility of ICOcap® underlining its position as an important product for the future, where Iconovo is featured as a service provider for customizations and formulation services.

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2020 has been a year of intellectual property expansion for dry powder inhaler developer Iconovo

Much of that expansion has come within Sweden and the EU, but recently the company has received the notice of intention to grant a patent from the Chinese Patent Agency regarding Iconovo’s reservoir-based inhalation device, ICOres. The new patent will protect the technology used in many of Iconovo’s projects like the project concerning a generic version of Symbicort.

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Today, Iconovo released a briefing document on its homepage covering the market opportunity, patent situation, ICOpre® product features and partnering strategy

The objective is to be transparent to customers and investors regarding Iconovo’s perception of this product opportunity.

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The Chinese Patent Agency has announced the intention to grant a patent regarding Iconovo’s inhalation device, ICOres

Iconovo has previously granted patents in Sweden, Europe (ERPO) and Japan. The new patent covers the technology used in many of Iconovo’s projects like generic Symbicort©.

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Iconovo’s expertise in developing inhalers and inhalation platforms for treating respiratory diseases has been key to generating several important collaborations. The latest comes in the form of a research partnership with Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces at Malmö University and Swedish biotech Nanologica to develop an inhalation platform based on porous drug carriers. The collaboration could result in a breakthrough in inhalation therapy.

The lung infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause Tuberculosis (TB), is estimated to lead to 5,000 deaths each day, globally. In treating the disease, one of the major therapeutic challenges is to deliver a sufficiently high dose of the medication to the infected area of the lungs. In most cases, inhalation therapies are recommended, but reaching high enough doses is still an issue.

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Projektet Porösa läkemedelsbärare för inhalerbara terapier har nyligen startat upp

Det är finansierat av KK-stiftelsen och är ett samarbete mellan Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces på Malmö Universitet, Iconovo AB och Nanologica AB. Nästa steg är att rekrytera en post doc. Iconovo kommer att bidra med sina egenutvecklade torrpuverinhalatorer (DPIs), inhalationsdevice, karakteriseringar av inhalationsberedningar liksom sin generella expertis inom inhalerade läkemedel.

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Iconovo’s strong start to 2020 shows no signs of slowing down as we approach summer. The company just added a CE marking to the list of reached milestones, making the company’s capsule-based dry powder inhaler ICOcap authorized for use in clinical trials by European customers. BioStock takes a closer look.

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Iconovo announce that the capsule-based dry powder inhaler ICOcap™ is CE-marked for use in clinical trials

ICOcap™ is now available for customers to use in clinical trials that develop capsule-based formulations and can be bought from Stevanato, the manufacturing and distribution partner of Iconovo. The CE mark is applied in conformity with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC as a Class 1 Medical Device in collaboration with our partners Stevanato Group and their affiliate Balda Medical GmbH.

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Stepping closer to important milestones

Iconovo’s Q1 results were confirmatory for us. Since mid-April, Iconovo has had a new CEO, Johan Wäborg, with extensive international experience in product commercialisation, while the former CEO Orest Lastow is stepping down to CTO to accelerate development of the company’s ICOpre inhalation platform. We continue to be positive about the future for Iconovo.

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