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Introduction to Iconovo

Company presentation at Pareto Securities 12th Annual Healtcare Conference, September 2021.


Four differentiated technical platforms, available for customization

Iconovo offers the development of inhalation products — inhaler devices and dry powder formulation — and assists in clinical trials and registration. We also offer proprietary generic drugs. The inhalation platforms are primarily intended for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatment.

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We work with international generic drug companies and pharmaceutical companies that lack the expertise, resources and/or time to develop the product themselves. Our development time is shorter and consequently more cost-effective since we have ready-to-use platforms with inhalation products that can be modified for a specific drug.

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A unique combination of engineering and pharmaceutical expertise

Iconovos highly skilled employees offers a comprehensive service package including device design, formulation development, analytical testing and documentation. Iconovo has build its own state-of-the-art laboratories for analysis, development and characterization of powder formulations.
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Seven steps to market

Our R&D shortens the time to product launch,
and reduces your project risk and development cost

  • STEP ONE: Iconovo


    • Inhaler device development
    • Models
    • Prototypes

  • STEP TWO: Iconovo


    Optimization for Manufacturing

  • STEP THREE: Iconovo


    Optimization with model inhalation powder

  • STEP FOUR: Iconovo


    Formulation development

  • STEP FIVE: Iconovo


    Inhaler device and formulation optimization

  • STEP SIX: Iconovo with customer


    • Technology transfer
    • Support and advice to clinical trials and registration

  • STEP SEVEN: Customer


    • Commercial Manufacturing
    • Marketing and sales

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