Ultra-low cost unit-dose DPI

ICOone is a unit-dose disposable dry powder inhaler. It is easy to use and delivers inhalation medication in a simple and cost-effective way. ICOone is available for many different kinds of formulations.

You can use it for either high-volume fully automated manufacturing of commercial products or low-volume fully manual manufacturing for Phase I and II clinical trials.

A variety of applications

Being cost-efficient and easy to manufacture, ICOone is highly suitable for early clinical Phase I and Phase II trials. It can be used for first-time-in-man studies and will be much more predictive than nebulization.

ICOone is also suitable for high-volume fully automated manufacturing of commercial products. In many cases a unit-dose device is much more appropriate than a multi-dose inhaler.

ICOone is also a great choice for orally inhaled dry powder vaccines. These vaccines do not require cold chain storage and eliminate the risk of contamination associated with needles.


  • Active humidity protection with integrated desiccant
  • Built-in mouthpiece cover
  • Two cavities. Two different drug formulations with two different APIs