The ICONOVO Family

Iconovo has the ambition to offer a full range of ready to use inhalation devices for generic products and NCE.

Iconovo device family includes

  • ICOres – a reservoir device
  • ICOone – a disposable unit-dose device
  • ICOcap – a capsule based device
  • ICOpre – a pre-metered device

Iconovo devices are

  • Innovative
  • Modern
  • Intuitive
  • User friendly
  • Robust
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for high volume fully automated assembly
  • Compliant with ISO, EMA and FDA requirements
  • Proprietary and patent protected

Iconovo has

  • Extensive inhalation experience
  • Experience from pharmaceutical development and industrialization
  • Capability to optimize and customize device development to customer needs
  • In-house industrial design capability
  • In-house formulation development, performance and stability testing
  • Extensive network of suppliers and development partners