Reservoir dry powder inhaler

ICOresTM is a reservoir multi-dose dry powder inhaler based on a novel proprietary technology, patents pending. ICOres can be customized to have features and handling regulatory equivalent to branded reservoir inhalers on the market. ICOres is designed to be robust and is easy to manufacture and assemble in a high volume fully automated process. ICOres is fully injection molded and available for licensing.


ICOres features

• Inhalation flow driven multi-dose reservoir dry powder inhaler

• Micronized spheronized formulation or carrier based formulation

• Dual reservoirs. Two different drug formulations or the same formulation in both reservoirs

• Dose metering using proven and well established scrape filling principle

• Spheronized formulation 60-180 doses @ 1-3 mg

• Carrier based formulation 60-180 doses @ 10-20 mg

• A screw-on cover providing an air tight seal against ambient air

• Integrated desiccant to provide long in-use and shelf-life stability. No need for Al pouch

• Deaggregation options to match an originator or for optimized performance

• Four user operations: Remove cover - Load – Inhale - Replace cover

• Exact dose counter showing each individual dose

• Visual feedback when loading the dose and when inhaling the dose

• No risk of multiple dosing by design

• Suitable for flows between 30 and 90l/min

• Anatomical mouthpiece

• Hygienic and easy to clean

• Factory filling using conventional equipment

• Designed for fully automated assembly and low cost manufacturing



• Low cost dry powder inhaler with 200-400 doses. Indicator instead of counter and no feedback

• Electronic counter and feedback. Flow monitor and connectivity



For a new product a key decision is the selection between micronized spheronized formulation and carrier based formulation. A spheronized formulation is more advanced and can give a better performance in terms of fine particle fraction. A carrier based formulation is the formulation most extensively used in inhalation products and is inherently more robust and uses conventional manufacturing equipment.


ICOres can be designed to be bioequivalent to dry powder inhaler products on the market. ICOres is designed to be equivalent in terms of device and performance both in vitro and in vivo.


ICOres can also be optimized to give optimal product performance for a given drug formulation. This option is suitable for NCEs or other products not intended to be registered as a generic drug.


The exterior of ICOres can be in many different shapes and colours and can be customized to meet specific client requirements in terms of brand identification, drug identification etc.


ICONOVO can offer a comprehensive service package including device design, formulation development, analytical testing, documentation etc. together with a complete supply chain.






ICOres dry powder inhaler.  Reservoir inhalation device