Experts in inhalation
Iconovo is a Swedish company developing proprietary inhalation products for licensing to customers. Iconovo has long and unique experience and capability in the development of inhalation devices and formulations. Iconovo’s complete inhalation solutions combine technical complexity with user-friendly and attractive design. Iconovo’s ambition is to become a leading supplier of inhalation devices on a global market.


Based on experience
Iconovo AB was founded in 2013. The company was built on the former Zenit Medical, an industrial design company for medical devices that was based on the experience and knowledge from Zenit Design and key members of AstraZeneca’s inhalation team. Since the start, the Iconovo team has developed a large number of conceptual solutions and today the company portfolio covers a family of innovative inhalation devices.

Vision, mission and values

Iconovo´s vision is to develop into a leading global innovator and supplier of complete inhalation products comprising devices and formulations.

Iconovo’s mission is to supply the market with innovative, complete and intuitive inhalation devices developed in a through user-centred, cost-effective and lean process.

Iconovo’s values build on curious entrepreneurs and innovators who develop novel and innovative inhalation devices based on a user centric approach. High product quality and an expressed corporate responsibility define our work.