Industrial Design

Taking product ideas to commercial success by innovative industrial design

Development of complete and intuitive inhalation solutions at Iconovo is based on our vast knowledge and experience from industrial design. The design process is based on customer needs and requirements, but medical and regulatory aspects are also decisive for a successful solution. By adding strong pharmaceutical expertise and commercial awareness Iconovo has what it takes to bring an idea to commercial success at the highest quality standards.

Industrial design is one of Iconovo’s core competencies. Our team has long experience from industrial design of inhalation devices. User needs and preferences are identified through a user-centred design process. Desired features and product performance are defined in co-operation with the client. The device is adapted for the client’s specific needs and requirements. The exterior is designed to fit the client’s brand identity and the specific needs of the intended patient group. Iconovo’s comprehensive expertise and capability also includes mechanical design, material knowledge, computational modelling, prototyping, verification testing as well as design for assembly and manufacturing.

The drug formulation can either be developed by the client or by Iconovo’s partners in parallel with the design process. In the process, the device is customized to deliver the intended dose and performance.

To ensure a clinically robust and up-to-date solution that will last over time, the design process also comprises analyses of trends and demands from regulatory authorities and clinicians. Medical accuracy is guaranteed by the comprehensive pharmaceutical expertise of the Iconovo team. Our innovative product design is used to combine diverse user needs with strict regulatory and performance requirements. And, together with our quality assurance tools, we are in a unique position to create innovative and outstanding inhalation products.