Iconovo can offer a complete dry powder formulation development. We have long and extensive experience from working with carrier based formulations, spheronized micronized formulations and spray dried powders.

Having in-house formulation capability gives Iconovo a unique possibility to optimize the device and formulation together.


We have invested in specialized labs with controlled humidity for dry power formulation manufacturing. We have a ventilated safety glove box for handling potent substances and large desiccator-cabinets for powder storage.


  • Laboratory and analytical balances
  • Diosna P1-6 high shear mixer for manufacturing of technical batches from
    200 g up to 1 kg.
  • Conditioning equipment to reduce surface energy of micronized API and excipients.
  • Two climate chambers with controlled temperature and humidity for stability studies.

Together with a partner we can also offer micronization and solid state analysis of the powder.