Industrial Design

Industrial Design


Among ICONOVO's core competencies, industrial design is one cornerstone. Three of the founders have been working within the design industry for more than twenty years each and have extensive knowledge of taking product ideas to a commercial success. This is done from ICONOVO's clients` design guidelines through a user centered design process. In doing so, we analyze trends, user needs and provide a vision of a potential product, and show how it can boost our clients business. This keeps them a step ahead.


Uniquely, ICONOVO combine in-depth knowledge of industrial design and cutting-edge product development with comprehensive pharmaceutical expertise. This, together with our quality assurance tools, puts us in unique position to create innovative and outstanding inhalation products.


Using special tools and methods, we identify user needs and preferences. This allows us to create designs that meet the demands of the end user, as well as all the other relevant stakeholders, such as regulators, clinicians, suppliers etc.


Innovative product design is used to combine diverse user needs with strict regulatory and performance requirements.

ICONOVO combine innovative industrial design with state of the art product development and a strong pharmaceutical expertise.