ICONOVO is a Swedish company developing proprietary inhalation products for licensing to customers. Every product is based on an ICONOVO platform but is customized and adapted to the customer’s unique needs. ICONOVO can offer a comprehensive package including device, formulation, analytical testing, documentation etc. together with a complete supply chain.


Development programme

A dry powder inhalation product comprises two parts; the device and the drug (API) formulation. ICONOVO provides proprietary, modern and robust inhalation devices. The ICONOVO devices are tested and verified with a model API and a model formulation. They have also been verified mechanically according to applicable ISO standards (ISO 20072, 14969 and 14971).




ICONOVO has a very comprehensive set of inhalation device and formulation development expertise and capability. The device development includes mechanical design, material knowledge, computational modeling, prototyping, verification testing, design for assembly and design for manufacturing etc. ICONOVO has also in-house industrial design expertise and capability. ICONOVO industrial designers have been part of designing many inhalation devices. The formulation development includes blending, powder characterization, process optimization and scale-up.