ICONOVO is a Swedish company developing proprietary inhalation products for licensing to customers. Every device will be based on an ICONOVO platform but is customized and adapted to the customer’s unique needs. ICONOVO can offer a comprehensive package including device, formulation, analytical testing, documentation etc. together with a complete supply chain.

ICONOVO has the ambition to offer a full range of ready to use inhalation devices for generic products and NCE.


ICONOVO device family includes

• ICOres – a reservoir device

• ICOcap – a capsule based device

• ICOpre – a pre-metered device

• ICOone – a disposable unit-dose device


ICONOVO devices are

• Innovative

• Modern

• Intuitive

• User friendly

• Robust

• Cost effective

• Suitable for high volume fully automated assembly

• Compliant with ISO, EMA and FDA requirements

• Proprietary and patent protected



• Device development capability to optimize and customize to customer needs

• Extensive inhalation experience

• Experience from pharmaceutical development and industrialization

• In-house industrial design capability

• In-house formulation development, performance testing and stability testing

• Extensive network of suppliers and development partners